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Eat more fibre

Including Fibre can help lower cholesterol and keep bowels very healthy.
Increase how much fibre you consume slowly, as a sudden increase in intake can cause cramp and constipation.
Food contain good levels of fibre:

  • 190g of brown rice: 2g
  • an orange:3.5g
  • 100g of peas:4.5g
  • 35g of chickpeas:2g
  • 140g of sweet corn: 3g
  • Jacket potato:6g


Smaller portions

Even if you eat healthy foods a large portion can end up in gaining weight.
To stop any urges you need to use smaller plates and bowls to regain portion control.
Calorie Guide:
Women (1500kcal per day)

  • Breakfast 300kcal
  • Lunch 500kcal
  • Dinner 500kcal
  • other snacks and drink 200kcal

Men (2000kcal)

  • breakfast 400kcal
  • Lunch 600kcal
  • Dinner 600kcal
  • Other snacks and drink 400kcal


Research shows us that people who are combing exercise with calorie reduction are genuinely more successful with losing weight than those who don't.
Beginning to exercise again can be difficult as many of us may have not properly exercised for many years.
Start of small for example: try using the stairs at work instead of the lift or walk to the train station instead of getting the bus.
Try to at least exercise for an hour and a half per week
Non-food rewards that you use when celebrating weight loss:

  • Massage
  • haircut
  • new clothes
  • bubble bath
  • etc
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